What would life be like if you didn’t have to manage WorkCover?

Some employers think they must live with the frustration of WorkCover.

Unless you’re a big company, they say, you can’t afford the time, money or specialist knowledge to manage it properly.

We disagree.

Since 1999, we’ve helped business owners and managers across Australia claw back control of their WorkCover.

We’ve freed them from admin and red tape. We’ve resolved long-running injury claims. (In one case, with our help, a guy who had been totally off work for three months was happily back at work three days after we first became involved in the claim) Most importantly, we’ve helped to reduced our client’s premium liability.

Our knowledge of Australia’s various workplace injury laws means clients who operate in multiple states don’t have to employ their own specialists.  A truly national WorkCover consultancy.

We work hard to make WorkCover easier. So you can focus on what you do best. 

CES provide regular work-in-progress meetings, and go out of their way to understand our industry so they can better understand our portfolio. They are friendly, approachable and contactable industry professionals.”
Adam Kelly, Finance Officer, After-Care Australasia

The story of CES Consulting

We started CES Consulting in 1999 primarily to provide WorkCover solutions to employers who had been left feeling abandoned after changes in the way that they were viewed by the scheme.

At the time, we were working at WorkCover insurers/agents, educating employers about their policies and premiums, and managing claims.

With a change in focus came changes to our roles. We switched from representing employers to representing the scheme , whilst the scheme focused on workers.

As a result, we spent more time telling employers about their obligations instead of helping them with their businesses.

Employers were being treated unfairly and marginalised, so we set up CES Consulting to help.

Since then, we’ve been giving employers a voice, helping them understand WorkCover, and getting the best outcomes for them.

If you're looking for a WorkCover consultant to help you negotiate this important aspect of your business, look no further.

Is WorkCover holding your business back?

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