Why CES?

What do you give me that I don’t already get from my agent?

Some agents are better than others, but even the best will have multiple staff working on your claims: case managers, injury managers, return-to work-specialists, technical managers, dispute officers … the list is endless.

Every time a claim changes hands, the responsibility falls on you to bring the new person up to speed. This is made worse by staff turnover.

We give you continuity, consistency and expertise founded on each of us having more than 25 years in the industry.

I already pay a premium, why should I spend more to hire you?

Workers’ compensation can be expensive, not only because of the premium but also because of the administrative and resources burden.

Unfortunately, many employers think they can’t do anything about it, so they either leave it to their agent/insurer or cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Often the person who manages their injuries or claims is from OH&S, Finance or HR and lacks the necessary expertise. What’s worse is their main role also suffers.

The issues multiply if you have staff in more than one state. It’s hard enough employing someone with enough knowledge in one state, let alone two or three.

By hiring us, you are investing in reducing your liabilities. Our experience and expertise comes at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

What options are available if I am unhappy with the service provided by my WorkCover agent/insurer?

Different rules exist across the states but, Queensland aside, you have choices. CES Consulting can step you through these options, including working to get more out of your current agent/insurer, so that you receive the services and support you deserve.

We help you assess and select the right agent/insurer for your business.